Card Swap Fellowship  

New Project for 2016-2017

The real work that is done to better the lives of others is done through the local Rotary club. This is where people meet, share their experiences, develop their enthusiasm for work that benefits others rather than themselves. It is the very place that "Service Above Self" lives and breathes.

One way to foster that enthusiasm is for clubs to work together on a project. This year, we started the Card Swap Fellowship as a way to "Grow our District through Fellowship." The project was initiated by District Governor Charles Minton at the Presidents-Elect Training Seminar.

Each in-coming club president was given one-half a playing card; their task was to find their match and become acquainted with the other president. During the PETS training, the presidents were given an in-depth explanation on how this concept should be carried out. Here is the list of matched clubs:

The idea behind the Card Swap Fellowship is to have two clubs work together on a project during this Rotary year, have it completed by March 15, 2017, and to create a storyboard for presentation and display at the District Conference May 5-7 2017. The project may be a new project that both clubs agree to or it may be an existing project that one club is already performing. It does not have to be a fundraiser, but it may. Make it as large or modest as the clubs agree, but make it fun and create fellowship between the clubs.

It is suggested that the clubs have two joint meetings of the full clubs, one in each other's meeting place. This give each club two programs during this year. Be sure to invite your Assistant Governors.

Use this as an opportunity to learn/teach each other and use it to inspire Rotary fun and growth through fellowship.

Click here for a pdf with the paired clubs as shown above.

Click here for a pdf showing the status of the pairings as of September 1. More work needs to be done!


The Rotary Foundation is a Top Ten foundation and is our way of giving for those in need. Remember the Foundation in your year-end giving and all year long.

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