Goodbye to District 7510!


The former District 7510 and neighboring District 7470 merged as of July 1, 2018 into the new District 7475, located here at

  • You can navigate the web pages on this legacy website for some of the historical information about District 7510, as well as to find some helpful information about Rotary in general.
  • You can go to the D7475 site at for current information.

And remember, it's not the District that is "Making a Difference," it is YOU and YOUR LOCAL CLUB doing the great work that you do!


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Rotary Liability Insurance

Broker - Arthur J. Gallagher

Download the certificate, fill it out, keep a copy and give the original to the requesting party.

You DO NOT submit a copy to the Broker.

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See the results of our Rotary Foundation's great work to eradicate polio! 



The Rotary Foundation is a Top Ten foundation and is our way of giving for those in need. Remember the Foundation in your year-end giving and all year long.

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