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PDG Mel Kevoe, Membership Director

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We are embarking on a new and exciting Membership venture and we need your help. District 7510, like most of the Districts in North America, has experienced a downward spiral of membership over the past several years. As a District, we need to reverse the trend of membership into positive growth. To accomplish this, we are forming a District Membership Team. This Team will work together to formulate a winning program for membership recruitment, retention and growth with each of the clubs in our district.

Regardless of whether your club has a successful membership plan, I need your support in this new plan of action.

The plan requires each club to have a Membership Chair or Director (the current year's Club Membership Committee Chairs can be found here). The Club Membership Chair will work collectively with the District Membership Team to create and execute an action plan to engage new members. The Director will educate club members how to attract new potential members. 

The District Membership Team is structured as follows: Club Membership Chairs, 12 Assistant Governors, 6 Past District Governors and 1 District Membership Director. This Team will develop a manual to attract and obtain new members. The goal of the team will be to assist clubs in growing membership by providing the necessary tools for the clubs to attract new members.

If your club does not currently have a Club Membership Chair, please encourage your president to assign one.  The Assistant Governors follow up with club presidents to process your selection. 

We are excited to create this team and grow membership within District 7510.  Thank you in advance for your support.