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We are embarking on a new and exciting Membership venture and we need your help. District 7510, like most of the Districts in North America, has experienced a downward spiral of membership over the past several years. As a District, we need to reverse the trend of membership into positive growth.

One initiative that can help bring in new, younger members was adopted by the District with the July 1, 2017 Bylaws. This initiative waives District dues under certain circumstances as shown below:

The per capita dues shall apply to all members, other than honorary, and those under age 30 under certain conditions (see below), of a club as of July 1 of each year. A club that has not paid their dues in a timely fashion will be solicited by the District Treasurer for the purpose of encouraging the club to pay their dues.

The waiver of dues for those members under 30 years of age shall apply only if their club waives the district dues and their club dues. Therefore the only dues a member under age 30 will pay under this program are the Rotary International dues. This is an optional district program, in which each club will decide individually if they wish to participate.

The initiative requires any club wishing to participate to take affirmative action to waive its own dues, thereby qualifying that club to also waive District dues for members (current or proposed) who are under thirty years of age. This could help your club bring in young members just starting out in business who may not be able to afford the full cost of Rotary membership.

We are excited to offer this new opportunity to develop membership within District 7510. 

Please contact me if you need further information or assistance.

Bill Graham

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