The Rotary Foundation offers several types of grants to serve the wide variety of projects Rotarians are doing in their own communities an around the world. District Grants are funded by the Foundation and awarded by the District for local projects. Global Grants are funded and awarded by the Foundation itself for international projects.

The Club Foundation Chair (or representative) must attend the annual Rotary Foundation Seminar and a Memorandum of Understanding must be completed before any club can participate in the Rotary Foundation Grants program. Click here for more information.


Grants Committee Chair

Byron Miller ~ Email Byron

District Grants fund smaller, short-term activities that address needs in both our local communities and communities worldwide. Each district gets to choose which activities it will fund.  District 7510 will use district grants to fund the following: 

  • Humanitarian projects in our district’s communities

  • Local scholarships for any level, length of time, or area of study

  • Travel to another country to assess humanitarian needs

District Grants are funded by D7510. Clubs wanting District Grant Funds for their projects must submit applications by July 15, 2017 for the 2017-2018 year. Projects must be completed within the same Rotary year.  The first $500 is guaranteed.  Requests for amounts over $500 will be disbursed on a funds available basis to a maximum of $1,500 per club.

  • Submit your 2017-2018 District Grant Application on-line at the District and Club database (DaCdb) using the GRANTS module. Log into DaCdb and then click on the GRANTS tab.

  • Follow the Guidelines available at the link below.

  • Click on this link for a copy of the District's Grant Management Guidelines for submitting your grant on-line.

Please contact Byron to learn: the Grant requirements, what projects are eligible, the funding limits, how and when to apply, the reporting requirements, and helpful hints to speed up the Grant Process. 


The Grants Subcommittee reminds all clubs that Final Reports for 2016-2017 Grants must be submitted through the Grants Module on DaCdb before the Subcommittee will consider any new grant application(s) from those same clubs for 2017-2018.

Upon completion of your project, grant recipients MUST log into DaCdb and file their Final Report. Click on the Grants tab, then click on "Club Grants" in the left side menu. Now edit your grant, and click on the Final Report tab as shown below. Follow the instructions on the Final Report page. For a step-by-step summary, click here.



2017-2018 Global Grants Committee Chair

Sharan Jain ~ Email Sharan

Global Grants support large international activities with sustainable, measurable outcomes in one or more of the six areas of focus of the Rotary Foundation. There must be an international partnership between a rotary club or district in the country where the activity takes place and a rotary club or district outside the country. There is a minimum budget of $30,000. You can use Global Grants to fund:

  • Humanitarian projects

  • Scholarships for graduate level studies that relate to one or more of the areas of focus

  • Vocational training teams

Global Grants are funded with a combination of District Designated Funds (DDF) or cash contributions and matching funds from TRF’s World Fund. TRF will match 100% of DDF and 50% of cash contributions. The minimum award from the World Fund is $15,000.

A PowerPoint presentation on Global Grants from the 2016 Grants Management Seminar is available below as a PowerPoint file:

PowerPoint here                  

NOTE: See important updates in RED below for the Global Grant Guide and the Global Grant Application Template. This new template MUST be used for new applications as of January 1, 2017.

Global Grants applications are filed on-line in MyRotary in a new Rotary Grants CenterWe've pulled the Guide to Global Grants (revised January 2017) from the Grants Center for your download here. This helpful explanation of the Global Grant process includes instruction on logging into My Rotary and filing an application.

But before you do that, please complete the Global Grant Application Template (revised January 2017) available for download here, and submit it to Global Grants Subcommittee Chair Sharan Jain - his email address is on the template. This will enable Sharan to review the scope of the project and make sure it is ready for submitting to Rotary International.