2016-2017 Chair Joe Steiner, Summit-New Providence, Union Club

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The Stewardship Committee is responsible for ensuring the careful management of Rotary Foundation grant funds and for educating Rotarians on proper and effective grant management. This is an important role that helps districts actively monitor grants. It allows the District Foundation Chair to take active measures to ensure that larger grant awards are used for their intended purpose.


» Assist with implementation of the district memorandum of understanding, including development of the financial management plan.

» Help qualify clubs and assist with grant management seminars.

» Work with the grants subcommittee to implement responsible stewardship and grant management practices, including reporting, for all club- and district-sponsored grants.

» Monitor and evaluate stewardship and grant management practices for all club- and district-sponsored grants.

» Ensure that everyone involved in a grant avoids any actual or perceived conflict of interest.

» Create a procedure for resolving any misuse or irregularities in grant-related activity, report any misuse or irregularities to The Rotary Foundation, and conduct initial local investigations into reports of misuse.

» Ensure that the annual financial assessment of the financial management plan and its implementation is conducted appropriately.

Please contact Joe Steiner if you have any questions about how grant funds are or will be used.


The Rotary Foundation is a Top Ten foundation and is our way of giving for those in need. Remember the Foundation in your year-end giving and all year long.

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