Bridging the Gap

Interacting with HS Students and Teachers to Promote Financial Confidence

Bridging the Gap between school and career. . .

It has always been a challenge for teachers and students to relate classroom studies to future real business opportunities, problems and real personal financial situations. The Bridging the Gap simulations provide the opportunity for the interaction of businessmen and women and other professionals with high school students and teachers to help promote business and personal financial confidence. 

The BPS (Business Plan Simulation) Program brings a business scenario into the classroom by utilizing local business professional volunteers’ experiences. The Student Entrepreneurs’ Handbook and The Coordinators’ Manual explain the simulated exercise where students can “buy” a deli, but only if they are able to convince local bankers to grant them a loan. Local business people volunteer as “consultants” to guide a group of students in preparing a business plan, including a Profit and Loss Statement. The students then present the plan to the local volunteer bankers. 

The PFP (Personal Financial Planning) Simulation Program simulates a typical financial problem where a young couple wants to buy a reasonably priced house. Local volunteers with financial experience consult with a group of students (acting as a family) during their preparation of a mortgage application to be presented to the local volunteer bankers. Explanation and work sheets are included in The Students’ PFP Handbook and in The Coordinators’ Manual

Please contact the director of Youth Services, Ken Richuso, for more information.