Ethics Forum

Scott Wands
Roselle/Roselle Park Rotary Club
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Event Blueprint - Roselle/Roselle Park Rotary


A forum in which a panel of four or five students debate questions of business and general ethics with a panel of four or five area business owners and professionals. A moderator presents scenarios posing ethical dilemmas; panelists on both “teams” debate the issues, taking questions from audience.


  1. Duration: 45 to 90 minutes.
  2. Forum conducted on school grounds.
  3. On-site resources:
  • Seating and table for panel; Podium for moderator
  • Seating for audience
  • PA system, including microphone for each panelist and for moderator; one “roving” or “floor” mike for questions from audience


  1. Discussion should NOT focus on illegal behavior, but on unethical behavior.

  2. Avoid hot-button issues - abortion, gun control, gay marriage - which have been hashed over in the media. Get the students to think about an unfamiliar or new situation, rather than rehash something they’ve heard on TV or the internet.

  3. The teacher/moderator should select several sample scenarios for debate. The panelists – students and professionals - should have several weeks to review the scenarios and consider their positions and counter-arguments.

  4. If possible, panelists should be drawn from organizations with conflicting or non-compatible views. For example, someone from a business organization might counter a labor representative. For a listing of organizations, try the websites listed below.

  5. The moderator should be a teacher, not a Rotarian. Likewise, the panelists should come from outside the club. Rotary should be the facilitator, not the show.

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