Membership Growth and Retention Support
for Clubs

One of the three strategic priorities of Rotary’s Strategic Plan seeks to support and strengthen clubs, which includes the goal of improving recruitment and retention of qualified, enthusiastic members.

Your club and your district are partners in membership development, and RI supports your membership growth and retention efforts through its online membership program. Introduced in 2001, the program helps clubs and districts identify prospective members, connect returning members with former or new clubs, and connect relocating Rotarians with clubs in their new area.




This online program has proven a successful method for introducing prospective members and former Rotarians to Rotary clubs. Since 2002, use of the online program and interest from prospective and relocating members has increased 390 percent. A study of the conversion rate from inquiry to membership shows that at least 60 percent of prospective and former Rotarians who completed forms online joined a club between 2004 and 2012. Club and district leaders who have followed up on inquiries report successful results in recruiting qualified new members.

They refer to this membership growth in quantity as well as quality.

You can follow this plan for membership growth and retention by downloading the brochure here.

The Rotary Foundation is a Top Ten foundation and is our way of giving for those in need. Remember the Foundation in your year-end giving and all year long.

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