Rotary Club Central "How to" Guide

Presidential Citation, My Rotary, and Setting Your Club's Goals

Every club is encouraged to set and then update their goals for the year in Rotary Club Central. That's great, but where is Rotary Club Central and how do I set and update our goals?

The long answer is to follow a written procedure; the short answer is to watch these videos on YouTube that were already created by Rotary District 7820.

It seems that no sooner is a video created than it is outdated because of changes to the subject's website. These are no different. However, they are very close to accurate. For example, in the first video, the narrator refers at one point to the "Update Profile" button; now that button is labeled "Go to Profile." Almost the same, but not quite, but Rotarians are smart enough to adjust to change.

All of these videos are available on this channel -

Rotary International Presidential Citation 2015-2016 Explained - Earning the Presidential Citation changes every Rotary year with every new RI President. This video will help you understand what you need to do to qualify for the Citation.

Accessing My Rotary - this video will help you register for My Rotary and make basic changes to your on-line profile. Skip it if you already are registered on

Rotary Club Central: Your Club Goals and Progress - just as it says, this video will help you understand how to set goals for the Club and how to enter progress during the year.

Rotary Club Central: Service Goals and Progress - the video explains how to set your service projects and goals. Interestingly, the author recommends broad goals, such as "Community Service," rather than entering all the individual community-related projects. Saves time!

Rotary Club Central: Foundation Giving Goals and Progress - as the name implies, this is the third and final area where goals are set, and it is an important area. Much better to know at the beginning of the year how much you want your Club to contribute to our Foundation than to just "wing it."

We thank the Rotary District 7820 Rotarians who put these videos together. Another example of "Service Above Self," eh?



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CLUB ACTIVITY OF THE MONTH - Interactors from Edison have launched a great new program called "Dare to be Great!" This exciting project depends on liking and sharing their facebook page. Click on the image to go to that Facebook page and "like" it! Read your TEAM Rotary for the full article!