Digital Divide Project

Gail Barlow, Chair

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Turning the Digital Divide into Digital Dividends

The world today is divided between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ not only by wealth but by a growing number of separations, including the access to knowledge and information which is provided through information technology –known as the digital divide.

While basics such as knowledge of the English language and the technical know-how of using computers are partly the cause of this separation, the heart of the “divide” lies in the financial expense of obtaining computers. Despite the world today becoming a global village, people in the south are deprived of the benefits in the development of information technology.

For most people in developing countries, a computer is still a luxury. For children in public schools, the computer is in many cases just a word, which exists in books or in pictures.

This project is to help and challenge Rotarians to bridge the Digital Divide. 

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